When God Is Silent | Jeremy Bedenbaugh

The book of Hebrews shows us that God is real and he speaks, but it also shows us what to do when it feels like he isn't speaking. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

Competing Voices | Dr. Jack Deere

Dr. Jack Deere shows us how we can move from the duty of trying to be good for God, to the delight of experiencing his affection.

Our Present Reality

You don't have to be a Christian to know that everything in the world isn't as it should be. But you do need to be a Christian to say "there is some way the world should be..." More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

A Wandering Heart | Jeremy Bedenbaugh

Hebrews 3 is a warning of love, because God knows that our tendency is to drift away from him. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

The Throne of Grace | Curtis Gilbert

Curtis Gilbert opens part two of our Hebrews series, explaining why we can always come to the throne of grace with confidence, even in the midst of our weakness and failure. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources


An Indestructible Life | Jeremy Bedenbaugh

Jeremy Bedenbaugh brings us back to the root of the gospel - not some "great new religion", but "good news" established with a promise by God himself. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

The Forgiveness of Sins | Curtis Gilbert

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36). Curtis Gilbert explains why Jesus' atonement was once for all, and how it frees us from the mastery of sin. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

Palm Sunday | Tim Holley

Tim Holley walks us through Jesus' Triumphal Entry and the question we will all have to answer at some point in our lives - "Who do you say I am?". More Sermons: http://thejourney.org/resourc

A Gospel Church | Jeremy Bedenbaugh

As a people who claim to follow Jesus, what should our church look like? Pastor Jeremy show us the characteristics of a gospel-centered church. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

Today | Psalm 95

"Worship steadies a wandering heart..." Curtis Gilbert walks us through Psalm 95 and our response to God's love, grace, and faithfulness. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

A Heart at Rest | Jeremy Irwin

What does it mean to "enter God's rest", and what is Hebrews referring to when it warns of "falling away"? Jeremy Irwin unpacks two themes we see throughout the book. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources


Are we willing to listen to God, even when he's saying what we don't want to hear? Jeremy Bedenbaugh shows us that the warnings we see in Hebrews are in place so we don't miss the good things God has in store for us. Mores sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

The New Covenant | Tim Holley

Are we trusting Jesus or are we only seeing a shadow of what he offers? Tim Holley shows us how we can turn from a watered-down version of Christianity and fully embrace the finished work of Jesus. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources

A Perfect Offering | Jeremy Bedenbaugh 

'What does God want from me?' is the first question in most religions, but as Jeremy Bedenbaugh explains, Christianity doesn't start with us, it starts with the finished work of Jesus and what he wants for us, not from us. More Sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources


Jeremy Bedenbaugh walks us through the hope of Easter and why we can trust that Jesus is truly alive. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/easter

A History of Faith | John Chung

Truth faith can believe the promises of God because it trusts in the promiser. Pastor John Chung walks us through Hebrews 11, showing us the characteristics of a pleasing, patient, and persevering faith. More sermons: http://thejourney.org/resources